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Who We Are

The Retreat is a modern wellness company that prioritizes wellbeing. Our philosophy is that every individual has a unique experience of ‘retreat’. Whether that’s the comforting sanctum of our dispensary or the moments shared over cannabis products of unmatched quality, we invite you to create your own retreat while you’re here.


We believe in wellbeing – for all people. From accessible purchasing options to quality, local product selections and community initiatives, we are mindful of creating an oasis for all.


Our main priority is to create a space that is your “retreat.” Whether that’s our tranquil interior atmosphere, our seamless customer service experience, or our no-nonsense ordering process, The Retreat is all about letting you be at ease, at all times.


There is hustle and bustle, and then, there is rest and recovery. We urge you to allow yourself the luxury of indulging in yourself, of finding your personal retreat, and settling in.

A letter from the founders

Our story starts and ends with community. From the power of the collective around us, we came to understand the everyday luxury of kindness.

Though our journeys are different, we have both been shaped by those around us to make waves wherever we go, to march to the beat of our own drums. After all, those that dare to step outside the box are the ones that create change.

Being drawn to wellness – a love affair that evolved into a passion for cannabis – we saw white space for the perfect balance of modern wellness and cannabis for all. Too many brands and dispensaries have the same look and feel: cold, clinical, and impersonal. We felt inspired to create something that felt a bit different. It is here that The Retreat was born.

As creatives and givers, the two of us believe true well-being is all about crafting an unforgettable experience and leaving a mark on someone. From attentive mentorships to an open, clean, and serene environment, our hope is that every individual steps in to create their own version of a retreat – whatever that means to them.

It is our privilege to call Jersey City our home base. With that, we hold our impact on the community with the utmost importance. We recognize the hardships faced by individuals coming out of the criminal justice system as they re-enter life in Jersey City. Our new home deserves the safety of our retreat. As we succeed, we extend the same kindness offered to us outward to our community.

We, therefore, feel it is our duty to work with impactful partners on programs that support individuals re-entering the community after serving time in the criminal justice system. We will be working with Second Chance Opportunity Reintegration Entity Systems (SCORES), The Hoffmans Centers, P.C. Expungement Services Program (THC Sponge), and other local organizations.

With this philosophy, we pursue good for the community at large in hopes that it evolves and thrives with the same power it has lent us, and with great hope that those that benefit from us will also pay it forward to the next person.

– Natalie + Alex

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Our Team

Natalie Benson, Co-Founder

Meet our founder, a wellness fanatic and BU '19 graduate with a major in Public Relations. Her passion for connecting with others led her to create a community of like-minded women through her own rolling paper brand in 2021, fostering support and empowerment in the cannabis industry. Beyond her visionary entrepreneurship, Natalie brings invaluable expertise to the table, having been involved in the dispensary industry for over 2 years. Her experience in the cannabis world further enriches her commitment to making The Retreat a transformative force for positive change. One of her personal goals with The Retreat is to be a female-focused cannabis venture that aims to fill a significant gap in the industry. When she's not busy shaping this dream, you'll find her riding horses and spending time with her two French Bulldogs.

Alex Santiago, Co-Founder

Born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey, Alex has a deep connection to the local community. With a strong belief in the mental health benefits of consuming cannabis, especially for anxiety and depression, he is passionate about promoting its positive impact. With a heart for helping others, Alex is a Certified Rape Crisis Counselor, and volunteers at a DV shelter (center for safety and change). Equally passionate about giving back to his own community, he served as an assistant boys varsity basketball coach at Paterson Eastside in honor of his own high school coach. Being bilingual, Alex brings a unique perspective and inclusivity to our team. Family holds a special place in his heart, with immense gratitude for parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins who instilled values of respect, integrity, and work ethic. For him, life revolves around three pillars: cannabis, community, and family.

Cory Garriga, Director of Community Outreach

Cory was born and raised in Jersey City with a deep-rooted passion for social justice. Throughout his life, Cory has been actively involved in community organizing, dedicating himself to work and volunteer with various non-profit organizations and social justice coalitions. With a background in community organizing, he has learned the power of collective action and the importance of advocating for common goals. His vision is to create a positive impact on the communities served by organizing substantive programs that address real needs and challenging the stigma surrounding cannabis. Through education and outreach initiatives, Cory aims to build strong relationships and mutual trust, fostering inclusive and progressive communities that thrive on collaboration and understanding.

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